How do I receive distributions?

Distributions received under the Smart Invest investment approach will automatically be deposited in your Wallet and re-invested for you. Where there are insufficient funds to buy additional Bricks, these will be added to your ‘Funds Awaiting Investment’ until you have enough to reinvest in Bricks. We'll send you an email in the first week of each month to notify you of which Bricks (if any) have been bought for you with Smart Invest. 

Build My Own distributions will appear in your Wallet where you can withdraw the funds to your bank account or reinvest. We’ll send you an email each month when your monthly distributions has been paid. This usually occurs in the second week of the following month.

To see your distributions, go the ‘Transactions’ section of your BrickX Account.

See our article on when do I receive distributions or refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for more information.

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