Who operates, manages and holds assets for the BrickX Platform?

The BrickX Platform is a managed investment scheme, which is registered with ASIC and subject to regulatory requirements and oversight.

  • BrickX is the owner of the technology and manager of the BrickX Platform and BrickX Financial Services Limited (BrickX Financial Services) is the Responsible Entity.
  • BrickX Financial Services is the licensed entity that operates the BrickX Platform and is responsible for all compliance and regulatory aspects of operating the BrickX Platform.
  • BrickX Financial Services has appointed Australian Executor Trustees Limited (AET) as the holder of the assets.
  • AET has then on-appointed BrickX Trusco Pty Limited as its sub-custodian to hold and manage the properties in individual unit trusts (BrickX Trusts).  
  • BrickX Financial Services is also the trustee of the BrickX Trusts. 

For more information on what the BrickX structure means for investors: ‘User Guide: Why BrickX values transparency.’

More information is available in the following articles, or you can refer to the Product Disclosure Statement.

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