User Guide: How are properties valued?

BrickX properties are valued semi-annually, with market appraisals conducted by an external firm of licensed, independent valuers. You can view the Next Valuation Date on the Summary tab of each BrickX property. 

Does a new property valuation impact the Brick Valuation?

Yes, an updated property valuation literally defines the new Brick Valuation. This new Brick Valuation will be displayed on the BrickX Platform for that property. The new Brick Valuation will remain the same until the next semi-annual valuation, and serves as a price guide for investors on this property. If the semi-annual market appraisal of the property goes up or down, so does the Brick Valuation.

Does a new property valuation impact the Brick Price?

The Brick Price is likely to be impacted by the independent valuations.

Updated property valuations may cause the price of Bricks listed for sale to move as investors look to value their Bricks closer to the updated Brick Valuation. As Brick Price is determined by investor sentiment, or what buyers and sellers on the Platform are willing to pay and sell for, investors will likely respond to the valuation news, resulting in a shift in the Brick Price. The Brick Price is often guided by the underlying value of the property trust, (also Brick Valuation).

How is the Brick Valuation calculated?

Navigate to the Capital Returns tab on each property to see the latest Independent Valuation, like the below example of ENM01, Enmore:

  • Assets – Includes the latest independent valuation of the property from our external valuers (in this example, $640,000), unamortised acquisition costs, and the cash reserve (for contingencies).
  • Liabilities – Then subtract any liabilities or debt (in this case $0), to define the equity in the trust.
  • Resulting in the Equity of the property investment, in this example $670,450
  • Resulting in a Brick Valuation that is 1/10,000th the value of the equity within a trust, or $67.05 in this example.

Note: For full details view the Capital Returns page for each property.

When do I find out about updated valuations?

You can find out the next valuation date for each property in the property details on the BRICKX Website, both Summary page and Capital Returns page. Investors will be made aware of upcoming valuation announcements so that they can monitor their investments effectively.

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