How does Smart Invest work and what properties does it invest in?

Smart Invest is the easiest way to regularly invest in Bricks. Initial minimum deposit of $250, just set up a direct debit (from $50/month) and your funds will be automatically invested in Bricks.

Smart Invest:

  • Only purchases / pre-orders Bricks in a selection of properties which our specialist team have picked for their growth potential.
  • Only buys Bricks that are either at or below the Brick Value. It automatically prioritises Bricks with the most significant Brick price discount against Brick valuation, including any transaction fees. More on buying Bricks above and below valuation.
  • Buys in accordance with diversification criteria once you have over $500 invested.

Which properties are included in Smart Invest?

Smart Invest doesn’t buy Bricks across all BrickX properties. Under the current investment strategy, it buys Bricks in properties our property team has selected for their growth potential, with an objective of generating returns that outperform the Australian property market (judged annually against the CoreLogic Hedonic Home Value Index).

Each year we review which properties are included in Smart Invest, to ensure they still meet the selection criteria.

Currently, Smart Invest buys Bricks in:

“But I want Bricks in other properties”

If you use Smart Invest but would also like to own Bricks in other BrickX properties, you can use Build My Own. Just navigate to the Properties Page and select Buy Bricks on the page of whatever property meets your investment criteria. You can then use either BPAY or POLi to add funds to your account to buy these Bricks. Buying Bricks using Build My Own won’t impact Smart Invest.

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