What does it mean for investors?

A change in responsible entity and trustee will not impact the ongoing management of the BrickX Platform on a day to day basis. BrickX will continue as the manager of the BrickX Platform. Australian Executor Trustees Limited and BrickX Trusco Pty Ltd will continue as the custodian and sub-custodian of the BrickX properties, respectively. 

BrickX Financial Services, as new responsible entity, will continue to be responsible for the activities of BrickX, and will commence operating the BrickX Platform.

This change will help support our ability to:

  • improve the customer experience;
  • deliver more innovative new products;
  • streamline processes and usability of the website
  • deliver new features more efficiently; and
  • respond more swiftly to investor feedback.

We hope that growing the BrickX community will provide more opportunities to:

  • add more new properties, more regularly;
  • offer diversified investment options; and
  • encourage greater overall liquidity.

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