What are the fees and costs involved?

To become a Member, you need to invest a minimum initial deposit amount of $250 (inclusive of a $10 application fee). This amount will appear in your Wallet which you can use to buy Bricks.

There is also a 0.5% transaction fee whenever you buy (deducted from your Wallet) or sell (deducted from what from your sell proceeds) your Bricks.  This applies to both Smart Invest and Build My Own.

The following amounts will also be deducted  from the gross rental income of the property before any distribution is paid to you for the relevant month:

  • a property management fee of 6% received from each tenanted property on a monthly basis;
  • $0.0075 per Brick on a monthly basis to cover annual audit and valuation fees; and
  • property expenses (bills, strata, council tax, insurance, property management, repairs, valuations, etc.)

Please refer to this User Guide on how the BrickX fees work or the Product Disclosure Statement for more information on how fees and costs apply.

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