What are the fees and costs involved?

Buy & Sell Transaction Fee of 0.5%

  • When you buy Bricks, we charge a 0.5% fee on the purchase price of the Bricks.
  • When you sell Bricks, we charge a 0.5% fee on the sale price of the Bricks.

Whether you hold your Bricks for 2 months or 10 years, you’ll only ever pay 0.5% of the transaction value each time you buy and sell. 


If I purchase $5,000 worth of Bricks (50 Bricks valued at $100/Brick) in a single transaction, the 0.5% transaction fee is $25, meaning you pay $5,025 in total.

When you decide to sell your Bricks, you choose the price at which they are listed. Hypothetically, if you sold your 50 Bricks at $110/Brick (for $5,500), after the 0.5% transaction fee of $27.50, you would receive $5,500 - $27.50 = $5472.50.

As an investor, you will never be hassled with the administration of any property related expenses. BrickX manages the properties on your behalf and all expenses relating to the running and operating of the property are deducted from the gross rental income of the property. Any remaining income is paid to Brick Holders as monthly distributions. 

Please refer to the articles below or the Product Disclosure Statement for more information on how fees and costs apply.

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