What's the difference between 'Funds Available for Smart Invest' and 'Funds Available for Build My Own'?

Smart Invest

If you’re using Smart Invest, your monthly direct debit payments and any distributions you receive from Bricks purchased with Smart Invest will appear in your Wallet as ‘Funds Available for Smart Invest’. These funds will stay here until there are Bricks available to purchase. 

Top-up payments can be made to the 'Funds Available for Smart Invest' in your BrickX Wallet.

Build My Own

To buy Bricks under Build My Own, you’ll need to deposit funds into your Wallet via Poli and/or BPAY. This money appears in your Wallet as your ‘Funds Available for Build My Own’ which you can then use to buy Bricks at your discretion. Distributions earned from these Bricks are paid into your 'Funds Available for Build My Own'. 

Withdrawing funds

If you have Smart Invest enabled, you're unable to withdraw funds directly from 'Funds Available for Smart Invest' to your bank account. You will need to disable Smart Invest, upon which all Smart Invest funds will transfer to Funds Available for Build My Own and you can withdraw from here. 

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