How do I deactivate my BrickX Account?

You’re able to deactivate your BrickX Account when you no longer hold any Bricks and all of your funds in ‘Funds Available’ have been withdrawn from your Wallet. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Sell all of your Bricks.
  2. If you’re investing using the Smart Invest approach you must disable Smart Invest. Your funds in ‘Funds Awaiting Investment’ will be automatically transferred to ‘Funds Available’ in your Wallet.
  3. Withdraw all funds from your Wallet (Funds Available) to your bank account.
  4. Once your Account and Wallet is empty, you can deactivate it yourself by checking the 'Deactivate' box in My Settings.

Please note that once your BrickX Account is deactivated, you are no longer a Member and will need to sign up again and become a Member to buy and sell Bricks on the Platform.

Although your account is de-activated we must keep a record of your account for tax and audit purposes. As with any financial product, account and transaction information is required to be kept for 7 years. The BrickX Platform is a managed investment scheme that is registered with ASIC and subject to associated regulatory requirements and oversight. 

If you have not made any financial transactions on your account and would like us to remove your information from the database, contact us and request deletion of your details. 

Please note: We cannot guarantee that every historical record of your account is removed, as we utilise multiple third party applications which employ redundant servers and backup services which may contain residual information from your account. All information is encrypted and our privacy policy prevents us and our service partners from disclosing your personal information. You can review the policy here

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