How does BrickX manage the debt on a geared property?

Regular interest repayments are deducted and paid from the Gross Rental Income of the property, before the rest of the net rental income is distributed to Brick Owners. BrickX currently holds Interest Only mortgages, which means no principal repayment is required at this stage

You can find the terms of the debt held by each property under the ‘Capital Returns’ tab on each property’s listing. It is intended that each BrickX Trust will be conservatively geared at all times to assist with achieving positive cash flow for the relevant trust.

The mortgage terms of a geared property will be reviewed and may change from time to time depending on market conditions and lending criteria.  Note principal repayments
are also to be deducted from the Gross Rental Income of the property as per the Distribution calculation. 

Gross Rent Income - (strata levies + water rates + council rates + maintenance + management fees + annual audit and valuation fees + property taxes + debt interest + principal repayments + other costs) = Net Rental Income.

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