User Guide: Selling Bricks and realising returns

The BrickX Platform is making investing in residential property easier than ever. With the ability to have full control over the choice of which properties to invest in, and the benefit of low entry price points (especially when compared to buying a whole property) the 

Platform is giving many people access to a previously out of reach market.

As with any investment, a prudent investor will not only ask “how do I make my initial investment?” but also “when I feel the time is right, how do I exit my investment and withdraw my funds?”

When to sell Bricks is a decision that each individual investor will make depending on their own personal situation, and we’ve made the process as simple as possible. BrickX is the first of its kind to facilitate investors buying and selling products (Bricks) from one another. BrickX provides a live online Order Book for each property showing the Bricks available for purchase, and provides investors with the ability to buy Bricks or list their own Bricks for sale.

List your Bricks for sale when you want

With BrickX, you are able to list the Bricks you own for sale at any time you want and at a price that you choose. When deciding the price at which to list your Bricks for sale, you have visibility of the current Order Book and can see the quantity of Bricks listed for sale by other Brick holders. We also provide additional information in helping you determine the price at which you list your Bricks including the latest independent valuation of Brick price, suburb performance data and monthly updates.

To list your Bricks for sale in a property simply click the Sell Bricks button, specify the number of Bricks you wish to sell and set the sale price per Brick – easy, fast and simple! More info: How do I sell Bricks

When are my Bricks sold and when do I get my money?

For you to sell your Bricks, there must be a willing buyer for the price you have set. Buyers will purchase Bricks starting with the lowest available Brick price, and once there is a match, you are notified of the sale via email. Any net proceeds from the sale are deposited into your Digital Wallet, available to invest in another property or withdraw to your bank account.

What money will I make?

When you sell Bricks, you realise your Capital Returns (which can be a gain or a loss). When any sale is complete, you will receive the amount you listed the Bricks for sale at less the transaction fee of 0.5%. Of course, whilst you are a Brick owner you will also receive your share of the rent (after expenses) as long as you are holding the Bricks at month end.

What if there is no one to buy my Bricks?

As with any sale and purchase of a product, you won’t be able to sell your Bricks unless there is a willing buyer.

To provide further exit opportunities to Brick Holders, BrickX offers two solutions:

  1. The 5 year vote – BrickX arranges a vote amongst the Brick Holders of a particular BrickX property on the 5th anniversary of that property’s Settlement Date on the Platform, and each 5 years thereafter, to determine if the Brick Holders wish to sell or maintain the property on the Platform. Should over 50% of the Brick Holders in that property agree to the sale of the property, BrickX will facilitate the sale of the property and you will receive your proportionate share of any net proceeds of the sale after fees.
  2. Anytime Vote – In addition, Brick Holders may at any time collectively agree to sell a property and end the investment period of a particular BRICKX property. If the property is sold, all Brick Holders will receive their proportionate share of any net proceeds of the sale after fees.

Things to think about when listing Bricks for sale

You choose when to list your Bricks for sale, and the sale price you set per Brick, however a few things you might want to consider include:

  1. Current Brick Valuation – this is the latest valuation of your investment conducted by an external independent valuation firm. This valuation would have been based on what the valuer judged the property to be worth at the time the valuation was conducted based on current market trends and recent sales.
  2. Current Lowest Available Brick Price – this is the current lowest price at which a seller is offering Bricks for sale. You can find this amount by checking the Order Book for available Bricks. When choosing what price to set when listing your Bricks for sale, bear in mind that the lowest priced Bricks are sold first.
  3. Suburb performance and monthly updates – we provide monthly data on suburb performance, including the median house and unit prices, and also specific information relating to the property, including any increases in rent we have secured for our investors, vacancy periods and other information.

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