User Guide: Liquidity and Where to Look

The ability to sell Bricks, and the ease of the sale process is often a key area that website visitors research ahead of buying Bricks for the first time. One of the features that BrickX provides is the ability to be able to put Bricks up for sale at any time.*

Everyone has a different investment time horizon but if you have been wondering…

  • “If I list my Bricks for sale, how long does it take to sell on the Platform?”
  • “Does BrickX have enough members interested in buying my Bricks?”
  • “Does selling Bricks take as long as selling a traditional residential property?"

…this article will help you find and understand the information that is available to help you answer these questions, including the median time to sell Bricks, the quantity of Bricks transacted on each property (last 30 days), and the last 50 transactions. In embracing BrickX's transparent approach, we continually strive to publish as much information and data as possible to help you make your own investment decisions. 

*Note: For deposits using POLi payments, you are not eligible to list your Bricks for sale during the period your deposited funds are pending (estimated 1-2 days).

Two places to look for transaction information on the BrickX Platform:

1. Bricks Sold by Property in the last 30 days 

Where to find: On the property Summary Page, in the "Invest In" box, below the Buy and Sell Bricks buttons. 

What to look for: We have provided the number of Bricks transacted on each property in the last 30 days to give you a sense of the volume of Bricks being bought and sold in each property. 

2. Recent Transactions by Property (Last 50)

Where to find: On any Property Page, click the Buy Bricks > button to load the Buy screen, shown below. Note: To view this information, you must be signed up and logged in, then navigate to the Recent Transactions tab

What to look for: We show you data relating to the last 50 transactions including the quantity of Bricks, the Brick Price, and the date. Use this data to help understand how many Bricks are being bought and sold and at what price. Look at the data to understand if the Brick Price is constant over the last 50 days, or if it has changed. View the dates of each transaction to see the number of transactions on a given day.

The information shown in images, is accurate as of 4 Apr 2019 and is subject to change at any time.

Are there any other ways to exit your investment?

To provide further exit opportunities to Brick Holders, every 5 years (on the anniversary of the Settlement Date), Brick Holders of a particular property investment will be given the opportunity to vote to continue the BrickX property investment, or sell the property. If Brick Holders holding at least 50% of the Bricks on issue agree the property will be sold, we will facilitate a sale of the property. Brick Holders will receive their share of any net proceeds of sale of the property less any transaction charges.

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