When are my Bricks sold and when do I get my money?

For you to sell your Bricks, there must be a willing buyer for the price you have set. Buyers only purchase at the lowest available brick price, so we have found that a sellers’ listing price tends to influence how quickly their Bricks might sell.

As an example: There are 365 Bricks available at $77.  If you choose to list your Bricks for sale at $77, your Bricks will be sold after the other 365 Bricks are sold. If you list your Bricks for sale at $76, your Bricks would be first inline to be sold. 

Once your Bricks are bought by another investor, you are notified of the sale via email. The net proceeds from the sale are deposited into your Digital Wallet, as funds available to invest in another property or withdraw to your bank account.

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