What if there is no one to buy my Bricks?

As with any sale and purchase of a product, you won’t be able to sell your Bricks unless there is a willing buyer.

In addition to listing your Bricks for sale, there are also two further exit opportunities for Brick Owners:

  1. The 5 year vote – BrickX arranges a vote amongst the Brick Owners of a particular BrickX property on or around the 5th anniversary of that property’s Settlement Date on the Platform, and each 5 years thereafter, to determine if the Brick Owners wish to sell or maintain the property on the Platform. Should over 50% of the Brick Owners in that property agree to the sale of the property, BrickX will facilitate the sale of the property and you will receive your proportionate share of any net proceeds of the sale after fees.
  2. Anytime Vote – In addition, Brick Owners may at any time collectively agree to sell a property and end the investment period of a particular BrickX property. If the property is sold, all Brick Owners will receive their proportionate share of any net proceeds of the sale after fees.

For more information on voting and the process, please see the PDS

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