What should I consider when listing my Bricks for sale?

Current Brick Valuation – this is the latest valuation of your investment conducted by an external independent valuation firm. This valuation would have been based on what the valuer judged the property to be worth at the time the valuation was conducted based on current market trends and recent sales.  When you list your Brick(s) for sale the price you set must not be more than 20% lower than the latest Brick valuation.

Current Lowest Available Brick Price – this is the current lowest price at which a seller is offering Bricks for sale. You can find this amount by checking the Order Book for available Bricks. When choosing what price to set when listing your Bricks for sale, bear in mind that the lowest priced Bricks are sold first.

Suburb performance and monthly updates – we provide monthly data on suburb performance, including the median house and unit prices, and also specific information relating to the property, including any increases in rent we have secured for our investors, vacancy periods and other information.

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