Why hasn’t Smart Invest bought Bricks for me?

If you have money in Funds Awaiting Investment but Smart Invest hasn’t bought you a Brick, it means there isn’t a Brick available that meets Smart Invest’s investment criteria.

Smart Invest:

  • Only purchases Bricks in a selection of properties which our specialist team have picked for their growth potential (including pre-order)
  • Only buys Bricks that are either at or below the Brick Value. More on buying Bricks above and below valuation
  • Buys in accordance with diversification criteria once you have over invested $500.

If there isn’t currently a Brick available that meets these criteria, but you have sufficient Funds Awaiting Investment, a Brick will be bought by Smart Invest when one becomes available.

A hypothetical example:

Sarah has $40 in her Funds Awaiting Investment
The only Property in Smart Invest around that price is Soldiers Hill (SLD01)
The Lowest Brick Price for SLD01 is $34 which is above the Brick valuation of $33

Because there are only Bricks available for prices above the current Brick Value of $33, Smart Invest won’t buy Sarah a Brick

Sarah’s funds remain as Funds Awaiting Investment until Bricks are available for $33 or lower

When Sarah has enough money for other properties that meet Smart Invest’s investment criteria they will be included in the decision

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