How do I invest?

If you’re planning to use Smart Invest you can simply set up a monthly direct debit with your Australian bank account, during the sign-up process. These amounts will be shown in your Wallet under ‘Funds Awaiting Investment’.  Bricks will then be automatically purchased (subject to their availability, diversification rules and the amount of money you have available). 

If you’re planning to use Build My Own, or would like to make lump sum transfers from your ‘Funds Available’ into Smart Invest, you can do so using these payment options:

  1. POLi* allows you to transfer funds from your Australian bank account.  You will be able to immediately buy Bricks but will not be able to sell and/or withdraw until the transfer of your funds is complete.
  2. Alternatively, you can use BPAY® to transfer funds directly from your Australian bank account. Please note that funds will take around 1-2 business days to be delivered into your Wallet.

Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for more information.

*POLi is owned by Australia Post and works in partnership with your bank to give you direct access to your online banking portal so you can transfer funds easily and instantly.

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