What price should I list bricks for?

With BrickX, you're able to list your Bricks for sale at any time you want and at a price that you choose (but cannot be more than 20% lower than the latest Brick valuation). There are a few factors that may influence the price you decide to list your Bricks at: 

  • Your original buy-price in comparison to your sale-price (including transaction fees)
  • The latest valuation of the property
  • Historical suburb performance 
  • The price and quantity that other Brick Owners are listing Bricks 

Keep in mind that the price you list your Bricks may have an effect on the speed at which they are sold.


If you had purchased $5,000 worth of Bricks (50 Bricks valued at $100/Brick), the 0.5% transaction fee of $25 means that you paid $5,025 in total.

Hypothetically, if you sold your 50 Bricks at $110/Brick (for $5,500), after the 0.5% transaction fee of $27.50, you would receive $5,500 - $27.50 = $5472.50.

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