How does Smart Invest differ from Build My Own?

Smart Invest

When you choose Smart Invest, you authorise BrickX to buy Bricks on your behalf and to allocate any distribution(s) towards acquiring more Bricks. Whenever you have enough money in "Funds Available for Smart Invest", Bricks will automatically be purchased according to Brick availability, Smart Invest's selection criteria and our property team's investment strategy. 

Smart Invest requires an initial minimum deposit of $250, thereafter a minimum monthly direct debit from $50. Once your funds have cleared (within 4-5 business days), they will be invested in selected Bricks. You can also top-up Smart Invest by depositing funds through POLi or BPAY

Build My Own

If you’re investing with Build My Ownyou can manually deposit funds to your BrickX Wallet and decide which properties to buy Bricks in, creating a portfolio based on your own preferences.  You choose how much to invest and when.

All the properties, including their background information and data can be found on the Properties page. After selecting a property, you can buy Bricks in it by simply selecting the amount you'd like to purchase, review the price and confirm your order. Once the transaction is processed, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to your Transaction Certificate. 

Can I use both? 

Of course! You can use Build my Own alongside Smart Invest. You can always change your mind later and decide to stop using Build my Own or disable Smart Invest. Buying Bricks with Build my Own won't change your Smart Invest portfolio and vice versa. The two investment methods are designed to work hand in hand, offering you flexibility over how you invest and control as your preferences change over time. 

For more information, read the following articles or contact us with your questions.

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